Week Six – Problems in Paradise

This week’s main goal was to collect 100,000 audio samples with Bruce (our makeshift echo locator bat) and work on the neural network in hopes of getting some decisive results. Sadly, but humorously, we managed to run into every single possible problem before we even got to training and testing the neural net. One of … Continue reading Week Six – Problems in Paradise


Week 5 – one step forward, two steps back, one step… forward?

Prior to the experiences with which I have been presented this summer, I would likely have greeted initial failure at some particular task as an indicator of incompetence. However, it is with a renewed desire to perform genuinely progressive research that I can honestly say that not only does such initial failure come with the … Continue reading Week 5 – one step forward, two steps back, one step… forward?

(Week 6) Uncertain Certainties? Certainly.

This week was a blizzard of bug fixing and board games. Us CS folks really got into the latter this week, especially a popular one called "Catan." Basically, there's this island on which we place settlements, roads, and cities using resources that we've mined from specific tiles, which, in a cool kind of twist, are … Continue reading (Week 6) Uncertain Certainties? Certainly.

Circle Packings – Week 6

Last week, I worked on integrating code from the circle packing software, CirclePack, into our library, generating random convex hulls of circles on the sphere, and projecting points, lines, circles, and arcs from the sphere onto a 2D plane. This week was all about taking these advances from last week and finally starting to incorporate … Continue reading Circle Packings – Week 6